Introduction of new Lectra – IP6 Cutter

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LECTRA - iP6 CUTTER & 250S SPREADER from France is Feytech Group new investment worth of USD275,351 is a stepping stone to improve pre-production capabilities. With this new machine Gosford Leather Industries will be able to meet increase in demand of upholstery products in Malaysia and Singapore. LECTRA – iP6 CUTTER has new technology to:

  • Adjust cutting parameters in real time

New image sensor technology works in tandem with a dynamic conveyor system to detect stress and instantaneously adjust cutting parameters.

  • Precision-cut a wide range of materials

Built-in blade management system guarantees high-precision cutting with the greatest degree of accuracy possible.

  • Achieve high-ply cutting on thicknesses up to 9cm

Specially designed sintered steel blades can cut up to 9cm of synthetic and foam-backed materials without breakage.